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Hey, Welcome to Sober is Fun!

We are a new Alcohol Free Events Company, and proud to be the first delivering Professional Sober Comedy Club Shows in the UK.

No alcohol is served or permitted into any event.

Our ethos at all our shows & events is to provide a fun and safe environment for those who choose not to drink alcohol , or just simply fancy having a night off , but still want to enjoy quality entertainment & Stand - Up Comedy

Frank Skinner loves what we are doing ! He popped by whilst on his UK Tour to show his support at one of our venues. Frank has never performed at one of our shows, but maybe one day we will see him on the Sober IS Fun stage…

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By supporting Sober Is Fun you will also be helping the charity ARTS - Achieving Recovery Through Sport. We will make a donation to them from ticket sales at our Chelmsford events.


You really cannot beat a good old belly laugh! Laughing releases stress, anxiety & tension which is hard to escape in everyday life. So laughing really is the best medicine huh? …...So why not come and get well with our special comedy medicine ! :)

Our Sober Comedy Club nights are an experience that should not be missed. Its hard to explain the atmosphere that comes with a room full of sober customers laughing out loud! Why not try it, have a night off the booze….we think you will be pleasantly surprised……………………..

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Keep an eye out for some exciting events heading to a town near you soon….in fact….very soon.

Follow us on social media and keep up to date with all events.